Support: Educational Programming

Number I’s Leadership Institute

Training for our chapter leaders begins with the Number I’s Leadership Institute (NLI). All Number I’s are now elected in November and receive national training the first week in January for their term. NLI is an intensive informational and educational training program set at a rural Christian conference center. The facility and premises are alcohol-free which provides a learning atmosphere for the intense two and a half day conference. The focus of NLI is to educate and empower the Number I’s to understand their role and responsibility as the chapter’s highest elected officer, recognize the tools and support systems provided, and to understand the standards and policies of operating an Active Chapter. [Learn more.]

Officer Training Conferences

Following, NLI, all chapter officers and all interested members receive educational training at our Officer Training Conferences. Every January and February, these regional meetings take place across the country. One-third of our undergraduate members participate in this training covering leadership, risk management, recruitment, The Crusade, finances, ritual, scholarship, member education, and personal development. Kappa Alpha Laws 7-215 state that all nine officers are required to attend unless excused by the Province Commander. [Engage with Province Councils.]

Emerging Leaders Academy

With all leaders trained for their year, the Emerging Leaders Academy seeks to elevate our next leaders. ELA also provides a different opportunity to increase their knowledge base about basic chapter operations, leadership, and how to implement positive change in their chapter. ELA provides different learning experience outside of the classroom and even into the streets of Lexington. Imagine learning about the ritual in the very room Kappa Alpha Order was founded or learn more about Samuel Zenas Ammen at his gravesite. Other modules include leadership speakers, experiential learning, service-learning, peer-facilitation, and track sessions. By energizing our young leaders, equipping them with skills to grow, and empowering them to return to their chapter and take charge, ELA has had a tremendous impact on our future. [Check out ELA.]

The Crusade

The Crusade is Kappa Alpha Order’s four-year membership development program. The purpose of The Crusade is to provide members with educational opportunities throughout their collegiate experience. The emphasis placed on academic excellence, community service, team-building and leadership will be beneficial to the active participant not only during his undergraduate career, but throughout life.

The Crusade RoundTable

Another unique aspect of The Crusade is The RoundTable experience, which is an intensive educational description of The Crusade program. Held in Lexington, Virginia, and coupled with the Emerging Leaders Academy, the four-day program is designed to educate and motivate the “Crusade Commanders,” undergraduate brothers who are responsible for overseeing and ensuring the success of the program in their chapter. Conducted in similar fashion to the actual Crusade program, The RoundTable provides an opportunity for brothers from around the country to live through a well executed Crusade experience with the help of the national administrative staff, volunteer leadership, and outside professionals.