Leadership Education for Undergraduate Chapters

Kappa Alpha Order provides unparalleled educational opportunities for our brothers in college. Imagine your time as an active member of your chapter; the training, skills, and knowledge needed to be a leader are available now to our members each year at little or no cost. Learn more about this essential component of our support. [Educational Programming.]

Mulberry Hill

The KAOEF owns and maintains the property and premises on which are located the National Administrative Office. Learn more about this historic site and our home near the birthplace of our Order. [More on Mulberry.]

Scholarship Program

Each year, the KAOEF awards thousands of dollars to our brothers to support their educational pursuits. For many brothers, our support means another semester; others it means the lifeline to reach graduation. Learn how to apply for a scholarship. Consider starting one or support one already endowed. [Scholarships.]

Chapter Endowment Accounts

One of the single greatest ways you can support your chapter, the KAOEF, and the Order as a whole. Chapter endowment accounts directly link your support to your chapter. [Chapter Endowment Accounts.]

E. Fleming Mason Memorial Internship Program

Graduating with good grades doesn’t simply cut it any more. Our brothers need real-world experience to succeed. Where better than in our Nation’s Capital? This program, supported by the KAOEF, is unmatched in the fraternal world. Its impact on five young men each summer is immeasurable. [Internship.]