Bid for Brotherhood

Bid for Brotherhood (B4B) was started in 1998 in Kansas City, Missouri by then Knight Commander James R. Estes as a way to combine an alumni event with a meaningful fundraising activity to establish an endowment for KA’s educational and leadership programs. The hope is that one day the overall educational training programs will be available to all undergraduate KAs at no cost to them. Each auction event continues to grow and it is our hope that this 24th annual B4B will be our best yet.

24th Annual Bid for Brotherhood

This year, the KAOEF will host its 24th annual Bid for Brotherhood (B4B) at The Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, Arizona, an exciting and engaging fundraising auction event. Since its inception, Bid for Brotherhood has raised more than $1,000,000 in support of leadership education and programs hosted by the Order. To attend in person, register through the 79th Convention Registration.

Previous B4B locations:

1998 Kansas City, Missouri
1999 New Orleans, Louisiana (68th Convention)
2000 Richmond, Virginia
Historic Tredegar Iron Works
2001 Savannah, Georgia (69th Convention)
2002 Albuquerque, New Mexico
2003 Tampa, Florida (70th Convention)
Raymond James Stadium
2004 Austin, Texas
Hyatt Regency Austin
2005 Lexington, Virginia (71st Convention)
National Administrative Office at Mulberry Hill
2006 Kansas City, Missouri
2007 San Antonio, Texas (72nd Convention)
2008 Louisville, Kentucky
Louisville Slugger Museum
2009 Washington, D.C. (73rd Convention)
J. W. Marriott
2010 New Orleans, Louisiana
Bourbon House
2011 Phoenix, Arizona (74th Convention)
Arizona Biltmore Resort
2012 Memphis, Tennessee
Chickasaw Country Club
2013 San Antonio, Texas (75th Convention)
Grand Hyatt San Antonio
2014 Charlotte, North Carolina
Bank of America Stadium
2015 Lexington, Virginia (76th Convention)
Moody Hall, Virginia Military Institute
2016 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
V2 atop Devon Tower
2017 St. Louis, Missouri (77th Convention)
Busch Stadium
2018 Atlanta, Georgia
College Football Hall of Fame
2019 New Orleans, Louisiana (78th Convention)
The National WWII Museum
2020 Lexington, Virginia
2021 Phoenix, Arizona (79th Convention)
The Arizona Biltmore